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The Hospital of Rhodes is the biggest medical unit of the Municipality of Dodecanese( 12 inhabitted islands of approx. 160,000 people of total population).

The area of the Hospital expands to 39 acres and includes the main building , the Medium Technical Professional Medical Institute and two parking spaces for approximately 200 cars.

Operationally it is devided in 3 sectors :
  • Laboratorial
  • Pathological
  • Surgical


The Pathological sector consists of :
  • 2 Pathological clinics
  • one Cardiological ( with up-to-date unit for encountering heart attacks )
  • one Nephrological ( with modern unit of artificial kidney, machinery for blood purgation )
  • one Neurological
  • one Pediatrical
  • and one Hematological

The Surgical sector includes :
2 General Surgical clinics
one Orthopedical
one Urological
one Obstetrical-Gynaecological
one Otolaryngological
one Ophthalmological

The Laboratory sector consists of :
  • one modern, fully automated Microbiological -Biochemical laboratory-department of blood purgation
  • a Radiological laboratory for the needs of the ones that are under a treatment ( it includes department of supersonic vibrations with coloured TRIPLEX )
  • a Radiological for the needs of the Outpatients' department and First aid
  • department of 5th Generation Axial Tomography
  • mastographer and
  • an up-to-date patholoanatomical laboratory

In addition for the needs of the hospital there is a room for physiotherapy with 3 physiotherapists.

The Clinical sectors and the outpatients' department also cover a Pneumonogical laboratory ( with 'spirometer' and 'bronchometer' ) and a Gastro-enterological ( with peptic endoscopes ).


A new hospital is under construction.

It is expected to operate in the year 2.000, with the perspective of its changing into a University.

HOSPITAL OF RHODES, 85100 - RHODES, TEL. : + 30 241 22222 FAX : + 30 241 23320